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PSAI Trimix Programs:

Trimix Fundamentals Diver

Expedition Trimix Diver

Explorer Trimix Diver  


The PSAI Trimix Diver courses are designed for those divers who wish to conduct dives using helium based bottom mixes with associated advanced staged decompression techniques. The PSAI Trimix Diver program is conducted in three phases leading to dive depths of up to 100 meters.


Prerequisites for Course Entry:

The student shall be 18 years.

The student(s) shall have graduated from a recognized Extended Range Nitrox or equivalent Diver course that included advanced decompression procedures to undertake Trimix Level I or II. Students may graduate from a PSAI Advanced Nitrox course and undertake the Trimix level I but will not graduate beyond level I until they gain further experience prior to level II Expedition Trimix. The PSAI Trimix Diver student(s) shall have a minimum of one hundred (100) logged open water dives; thirty (30) decompression dives shall have been deeper than 30 meters.

Level II – Expedition Trimix requires the diver be certified PSAI Level I or equivalent – Trimix Fundamentals. 

Level III – Explorer Trimix requires the diver be certifies PSAI Level II or equivalent – Expedition Trimix. 


The PSAI Trimix Program certification levels are:
TRIMIX FUNDAMENTALS - Level 1: Depth 60 meters
EXPEDITION TRIMIX - Level 2: 75 meters
EXPLORER TRIMIX - Level 3: 100 meters



Trimix Usage Safety & Equipment

Types of Trimix Mixtures

Physiological Considerations Associated with the Use of Trimix

Formulas for Trimix Diving

Gas Management

Tracking Decompression

Omitted Decompression & Stage Cylinder Problems

Use of the PSAI Extended Range Dive Planning Sheet

Use of the PSAI Trimix Planning Charts & Worksheets


PSAI Trimix training is the key to opening the deepest vistas of technical diving. No Limits - neither time or depth!



Level 1: 420 € 

Level 2: 290 €

Level 3: 480 €

exklusive Unterlagen, Eintritte, Gaskosten, Zertifizierung

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